223927, Minsk region,
Kopyl, Lenin square, 6

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+375 (1719) 28-2-60


Chairman of the Kopyl district Executive Committee

Dear friends!

Kopyl — original and picturesque region with a rich history and cultural traditions. This is the birthplace of the first Chairman of the government of the BSSR Dmitry Fedorovich Zhilunovich (Tishka Gartny), a whole pleiad of writers, as well as 11 Heroes of the Soviet Union, 12 Heroes of Socialist Labor, 1 Hero of Belarus, 41 people were awarded the Order of Lenin. We are proud of our fellow countrymen-contemporaries, famous writers and poets, scientists, valiant workers and patriots of Kopyl region.

Here live sincere, open and hardworking people who multiply the glorious traditions of our region, created by many generations of Kopylyans. Thanks to their work, the socio-economic situation of the district has improved in many ways.

Twinning ties are growing stronger with the Chekhov district of Moscow region. Partnership relations are developing with the Central district of Minsk, cooperation has been established with the Yonishki district of the Republic of Lithuania, Matveevo-Kurgan district of Rostov Region. A memorandum on further cooperation and friendly relations between the Kopyl district and the Wanzhou district of the city of Chongqing of the People's Republic of China was signed. We appreciate the friendly relations and are always glad for productive cooperation.

Our district and city are getting prettier every year. Construction and improvement of settlements of the district are going on. Education, healthcare, culture and sport are successfully developing.

People, years, events are milestones in our history... They contain our roots, the life-giving spring of renewal, the source of new good deeds. The modern Kopyl resident is a particle of the Belarusian nation, he absorbs their spirit, cultural values and aspirations.

I am convinced that together with wonderful, kind, hard-working people we will be able to solve any problems, overcome difficulties and confidently go to the future. Let every year our district becomes richer and more beautiful.

I wish all residents and guests of our district good and happiness, optimism and good health. Let happiness and prosperity, confidence in the future settle in every home.

Welcome to our city and district!

Chairman of the Kopyl district Executive Committee

Pilishchik Sergei Mikhailovich

Last modified on 2020-03-25