223927, Minsk region,
Kopyl, Lenin square, 6

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+375 (1719) 28-2-60



The region occupies 1,607 square kilometers. The density of population is 25 per 1 The region borders on the Uzda, Slutsk, Soligorsk and Stolbtsy regions. Some 28 small rivers and a four-kilometer long River of Neman cross the region.

The landscape of the region is mostly plains. The highest point (243m) is near the village of Nizkovichi. The lowest point above the sea level (152m) is near the village of Mokrany. Reclaimed lands occupy 38,060 hectares; of them 14,800 hectares are peat-bogs.

Major minerals are peat (29 fields with the estimated reserves of 26 million tonnes), chalk (218,000 tonnes in the field). There are also fields of gravel and sand with the total reserves of 218,000 tonnes, fields of ironstones, oil and minerals.

The region includes 13 rural councils, 211 population centres, the largest of them are Timkovichi, Semezhevo and Bystritsa.

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