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Refugee thanks Belarus for help, support


Refugees are grateful to Belarus for help and support in a difficult situation, one of the refugees living in the temporary accommodation facility told BelTA.

The refugees have been stranded at the border of Belarus and Poland for 25 days already. They are now living in the temporary accommodation facility set up at the logistics center at the Bruzgi checkpoint.

“We are grateful to Belarus for its help and support. We spend the night not in the forest, in the open, but in the warmth, we get food, water, warm clothes,” the man said.

He asked whether there is any news about their situation and how the problem is being dealt with. “Probably, news and information are the most important things for us now. Of course, we do not want to return to Iraq. It is very dangerous for many of us there,” the man said.

Now the refugees in the shelter are provided with everything they need, including hot meals. They can have a wash in a mobile banya. A stationary clinic is open there around the clock. Last night, by the way, there were not many patients there. About 10 people asked for medical help. Most of the complaints were related to colds. The medicines that are in demand most of all are antipyretics, medicines to treat running nose and sore throat.

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